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Hatha Yoga

Day: T.B.A.

Time: T.B.A


Dates and Number of Classes: T.B.A

Cost: T.B.A

Students will be guided through a series poses thoughtfully linked in a logical sequence aimed to promote inner and outer balance, focus and awareness to both physical and mental status and wellbeing.


Equipment needed:

1 yoga mat; 

chair or comparable leg support;

blanket(s), for warmth and support;

Recommended, but not essential:
yoga blocks; 

strap or equivalent.

General session layout:

Classes alternates between floor and standing poses, including sun salutations when appropriate and other standing poses.

10-15 minutes for breathwork, meditation and centering;

45-50 minutes for sequence of poses aimed at addressing strength, balance, flexibility as well as any are students want to explore;

10-15 minutes for closing breath work for relaxation and stress management.

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