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Yoga Therapy

Day: T.B.A.

Time: T.B.A.


Dates and Number of Classes: T.B.A.

Cost: T.B.A.

The ancient art of yoga is applied to relieve some of the most common aches and pains through safe holds of yoga poses and thoughtful movement. Students will be required to fill out an intake form to allow the instructor to lead a safe and effective class that brings benefits to all participants. Students supply their own mat and all other equipment.


Equipment needed:

1 yoga mat;

chair or other leg support;

blanket(s), for warmth and support;

Recommended but not essential:

yoga blocks;

strap or equivalent.

General session layout:

Most of the classes will be taking place lying/sitting on floor and occasionally standing poses will be explored.

10-15 minutes for breathwork, meditation and centering;

45-50 minutes for sequence of poses aimed at addressing specific areas of discomfort or musculoskeletal imbalances based on students' needs;

10-15 minutes for closing breath work for relaxation and stress management.

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